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Mad Hatter's Terms and Conditions

Pricing & Minimums

Mad Hatter Catering reserves the right to require a minimum number of guests per menu or per event. Guest minimum amounts, menu prices, menu items, and any other services or products offered by Mad Hatter are subject to change at any time, without notice, based on resources, availability and other factors. There may be a time lag between any changes to prices, minimum guest requirements, and menu items or any other products/services, and when those changes appear on the website or on any other materials. Specific guest minimums, menu prices, menu items and service/products offerings will be confirmed by a Mad Hatter's Catering representative when you discuss your event with our staff.


To guarantee your private or Corporate function, 20% of the anticipated total cost is required at time of booking (unless other arrangements have been made in advance). Remaining Balance is to be paid ten (10) days prior to the date of function, (unless other arrangements have been made in advance & in writing). Corporate Clients can apply for payment terms allowing for remaining balance to be paid at time of event or within 14 days after event has been executed.

Form of Payments accepted: Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover. Additional charges will be incurred when an event time exceeds the scheduled time, additional meal service personnel, or any other goods /services.
Signature on Contract is required.


Client can perform any alterations/revisions to said contract up and until ten (10) days prior to event. Final head count for private events is due and must be conveyed to our office ten(10) days prior to function. Corporate clients have until five (5) days prior to corporate function for forward attendance. This number is considered your minimum guarantee attendance and cannot be lowered after that date. We will accept any increase in guarantee number until 5 days prior to event.


Price Guarantees

Once the contract is signed & deposit has been received, the contract pricing is locked in for the remainder of the calendar year. If your event is booked and occurring in the next calendar year, your catering menu pricing may be subject to increase up to 10%. This is due to unforeseen increased costs in Commodity Market priced items such as Beef, Poultry, Fuel. Client will be notified 90 days prior to their event date of any menu increases via email. At that time, Client has the right to terminate contract and be issued a refund of any payments previously paid on account in the same manner as it was received.


All prices are subject to 9.75% state sales tax (unless you provide proof that you represent a tax exempt organization) All Events subject to a 20% Service fee (For clarification of this fee, refer to our Questions & Answers link located at top left of page).


Prices listed on the website are subject to change at any time without notice. Mad Hatter's Catering will not be held liable for any website price changes or for price changes that have taken place but have not yet been reflected on the website. Website prices must be verified by Mad Hatter's Catering with the customer. The customer has the right to choose whether to agree to stated prices and sign a contract for catering services, or whether to decline to do business with Mad Hatter's based on the prices quoted by Mad Hatter's staff.



In the event of the cancellation of your scheduled event within thirty day's of your booking date, your deposit will be returned-less a 25% handling charge. After thirty day's from booking date- Your entire deposit is non-refundable. If booking date occurs within thirty days of your event, your deposit is non-refundable. In the event of the cancellation occurring within seven day's of your booked event, you will be liable for the entire event balance.


Catering Performance

Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of the Caterer to complete the same and is subject to disputes, strikes, accidents, transportation, availability of foods, beverages or supplies and other causes whether enumerated herein or not. Beyond the control of the Caterer preventing or interfering with the performance of this agreement. Caterer's liability shall be limited for any breach or non-performance of the agreement or any part thereof to the amount paid for the initial deposit. Caterer shall not be liable for damages, consequential or otherwise other than for the return of the referenced deposit. Caterer is not responsible for damage or loss of any personal property at your event premises. You are responsible for the damages, theft, breakage and/or loss at or to the premises.


Food Service

At the time of the event an actual count will be made of those attending and payment in full will then be made for any additional persons attending beyond guaranteed attendance. Dietary substitutions can be made available at time of booking. Persons receiving substitute meals must be identified by a special ticket. Any overage on the guarantee guest total may result in a different food item being served.


At the discretion of Mad Hatter's staff, leftover cooked food may remain with client whereas on site refrigeration is accessible to our staff. After which Client assumes all liability resulting in failure to properly maintain safe food temp's and storage of food.

See Questions & Answers link for further clarification

Bartending Service

By contracting Mad Hatter's Bartender Service you understand and are verifying the following.

1. I understand that Mad Hatter's does not promote under aged drinking under any circumstance and will not serve to guests under the age of 21.

2. I understand the bartending staff provided/secured by Mad Hatter's follow the guidelines required by TNABC certification and have the right to refuse alcohol to any guest that appears intoxicated. The host will be discreetly notified of such action and such action will be recorded by Mad Hatter's.

3. I agree that Mad Hatter's Catering is not responsible for the conduct of guests at my event and is not liable for their actions before, during or after the time frame specified on signed contract.

4. I verify that I have the option to allow a tip cup at my event or to not allow a tip cup. If I choose not to allow a tip cup. You must let your Event Coordinator or Catering Director three days prior to your event if you request "No tip cup" Otherwise Tip Cup will be set out on Bar/Beverage Station



Mad Hatter's Catering, Inc. reserves the right to inspect and control all functions. Waiver of Liability; the client agrees to irrevocably and unconditionally release Mad Hatter's Catering from liability, claims, actions and causes of action arising out of or related to any loss, damage, illness, death or injury sustained by any participant in connections with any food, services, personnel, beverages, rental items not directly provided by Mad Hatter's Catering Inc.


Miscellaneous Information

  • Tax Exempt Groups must supply their tax exempt certificate upon booking event.

  • VENUE setup including rental equipment, centerpieces etc is considered a service enhancement that is available for an additional fee. Rates vary depending upon extensiveness of setup and can be discussed with our Catering Director or Client Service Department.

  • If your event contains rental equipment (tables, chairs, linen, tents, dance floors etc). A Rental Delivery & Pickup Fee will be assessed: $30-50 rates vary due to proximately of site location to headquarters.

  • Cake Scoring & Plating Service is $75. Waived for events greater than 175 attendants

  • Sit down & Family Style service is available for additional fee. Please discuss with our Catering Director or Event Coordinator .

  • Delivery/Fuel Fee is applicable on all events that are greater than 40 miles round trip from our headquarters in Kingsport. Fees are $25 and up depending upon venue proximity to our headquarters.

  • Additional Labor Fee applicable for any additional staff or extended service hours requested by client or for Butler Passed Appetizer, Drink Service or Chef Attended Stations.

  • Mad Hatter's's Catering offer Taste Testing Appointments for weddings and other joyous occasions. (Minimum Catering Order of $1.500) Please discuss your options with our Catering Director.  (subject to availability; please refer to Questions & Answers link)

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